Next Steps

The project is currently in its early stages, and much remains to be done before Textonic is ready for use. There are a lot of different areas with which you can help, so feel free to contact Steven Lehrburger (@lehrblogger, lehrburger at gmail dot com), and he’ll be glad to talk with you about the existing code. Next steps include:

  • A more robust and flexible interface for the creation of tags and instructions

  • An interface for looking at in-progress batches of tasks

  • An interface for reviewing results received from MTurk

  • A well-designed project brand and graphic identity

  • Automated decision trees for processing messages – if a message is classified as one thing, have workers perform one task on it, if it is classified a second way, have workers perform a second task

  • Tagging of audio files instead of text messages, with possible support for timestamps

And perhaps most importantly:

  • Integration into a real project in the field!